Where the entire nation is mourning for Kalam’s death, Pratibha Patil demands a car seva

Look the irony. Our former president, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam passed away day before yesterday. The news came as a shock to the nation and people are still mourning. In such circumstances, our former President, Pratibha Patil demands an an official vehicle to be at her disposal whenever she travels outside the city. She is settled in Pune. It would be interesting to note that she is already using a personal vehicle for which she gets a fuel allowance from the government, as per the sources.

India Today reported that she has elicited her office to write to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to intervene and come to her aid.

An official privy to the details said, She has been using her personal vehicle for which she gets a fuel allowance as per rules. But she wants an official car when she travels outside Pune. She can either get a car or the fuel allowance, not both.”

GK Das, Pratibha Patil’s secretary chose to not to comment on the matter saying, “I have nothing to say as I am not allowed to speak to the press.”

According to government rules, a former President is entitled to get a car free of charge and shall be paid actual maintenance allowance. In case someone wishes to use a personal car, then a monthly allowance equal to the cost of 250 litres of fuel and salary for a driver equivalent to government pay scale is paid.

On July 3, 2015, the last communication was sent by Patil’s office to MHA. It requested instructions to Maharashtra government to provide an official vehicle whenever she travels outside Pune, or attends official programmes within the city. Not only that, an additional vehicle is requested for official functions even within the city since her staff always accompanies her. It also said that the district administration had been providing an official vehicle whenever she traveled out of Pune.

The Maharashtra government objected to this practice of official vehicle being provided to her in addition to the allowance paid to her because she uses a personal vehicle, according to the sources. The letter also says that this practice may kindly be continued, but the General Administration Department (Protocol) of the Maharashtra government clarified that they will issue directions as per Government of India orders.

A home ministry official said, “We have asked the Maharashtra government to follow the guidelines and act as per the provisions regarding entitlement of a car to a former President.”

The news information is sourced from India Today

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