This comic’s take on the dilemma to smoke or not is one thing you should watch today!

First things first, that anti-smoking campaign featuring Mukesh Harane is too much bear. One goes for a movie to have a good time, to get relieved from stress and the movie starts with that depressing ad. It is still okay for the smokers to watch it if they learn a thing or two from the ad and quit smoking, but what the ones who don’t? Why make them suffer?

Comedian Nishant Tanwar aka Joke Singh¬†totally seconds me on this, which can be seen in his stand-up act. He talks about the dilemma on whether one should smoke or not. I don’t really want to give any spoilers, but I had to share these funny moments from the video:

Ye baat toh ekdam sahi hai!

joke singh 1

This one too. Not saying there won’t be exceptions, but you get the point!

joke singh 2

So do I. Sympathies.

joke singh 3

Watch the hilarious act here –