5 ways you can use yoga to save your ass in real life situations

Funny Humor

The world talked about yoga, yesterday on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, yesterday. While PM Modi and members of the national yoga committee were busy making the most of the day, some of us were busy using yoga poses in their real world. Like-

This is Garudasana in yoga!


And here is Garudasana in the real world while you wait in the public toilet queue.

GARUDASANA in the real world


This is Virabhadrasana!



Virabhadrasana in the real world can be used for stopping the traffic so you can cross the road. 

VIRABHADRASANA in the real world


The Simhasana!



Simhasana in the real world could be used for scaring the shit out of unruly dogs away!



This funny video by Punch Tantraa shows how one can use yoga asanas in real-life situations , a funny take on #YogaDay as the world became too serious with it.


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