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Censor board officer told this filmmaker her film had many flaws; what happened next will leave you surprised

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Indiefilmschannel, a fastest growing YouTube short film channel has shared a wonderful thought provoking short film that speaks about the importance of films.

With the message, ‘Never underestimate the power of a film. It can change minds,’ this short film reveals sad reality of every honest filmmaker.

What Will They Ban Next - Uncensored- flaws in film

Centered around a thought-provoking and powerful conversation scene between a censor board officer and an independent filmmaker, this short film focuses on what most of the intelligent audiences miss on. Some of the great and honest Indian films with candid dialogs do not please the Indian censor board.

What Will They Ban Next - Uncensored- film

The filmmaker, who understands her film’s subject more than anyone else, demands the officer to answer a few of her straight questions which render him speechless.

What Will They Ban Next - Uncensored- sex object

What Will They Ban Next - Uncensored- b grade movies

What Will They Ban Next - Uncensored- woman called sluts

What happens next something that will leave you happy. Watch this video here.

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