TVF along with Ayushmann Khurrana takes a dig at Bollywood Clichés and it is hilarious AF

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Seriosuly, what is the Hindi Cinema, without them awesomeness that the Bollywood Clichés are? We have loved them through the decades, and somehow, we still manage to love them with the same vigor!

So, in honor of the Bollywood Clichés throughout the years, TheViralFeverVideos decided to take a dig at them.

TVF's Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa (1)

They got the very talented Gajraj Rao to play:

TVF's Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa (2)

And Ayushmann Khurrana, as:

TVF's Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa (3)

And of course, this is our beloved Bollywood Cliché:

TVF's Bollywood Cliché Qtiyapa (4)

Here’s the full video. Warning: it’s going to leave you in splits.

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