Transgenders answer the most awkward questions that you wouldn’t dare ask them

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In its #MakeOutInIndia Campaign, The Quint talk to people about sex and gender. In their new video, the channel decided to invite a few members of the transgender group to talk to them about things people would like to know but would not dare ask them.

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How do they define Transgender?

define transgender


When did they find out the truth about themselves?

when did you find out the truth

when did you find out the truth more on it

when did you find out the truth more on it ss

How did your family react to it?

family reacts

Which restroom do they use?


Why are people scared of you?

why are people scraed of you

Do they get catcalled?


Cosmetic surgery?

cosmetic surgery

Watch what more these transgender people had to say about them?

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