15 things your sister must know from you this rakhi


Rakhi, traditional Indian festival which ensures that a brother would always protect his sister has many historical values. There are a lot of mythological stories around this beautiful festival of innocent love. It is just 2 days away and most of the brothers must be occupied with gifting ideas for their sisters. This is the time when a sister would love to expect a gift from her brother.

If given a deeper thought about it, don’t you think that your responsibility doesn’t stop at just giving her a gift? There’s a lot more to that. There are innumerable life lessons which you can teach her. This rakhi, tell your sister how much you love her and do tell her the following things.

1. Don’t be a feminist, be an equalist.



2. Stay focused on your career and keep working hard, success will follow eventually.

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3. Don’t plan to get married till you have a good career. Reach to a position where you can be worthy to take your own decisions.

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4. Travel a lot, and learn to travel solo.



5. Develop a knack of reading.



6.  Be strong – both mentally and physically.



7. Tell her to be a strong, independent woman. Nothing else can make her more beautiful.



8. Tell her to choose her guy very wisely. Getting a good guy should never be her focus. A good guy would never fall for her because of her looks.

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9. Tell her to have opinions and explain her why it is good to have opinions.



10. Tell her to stay unbiased and never judge a person based on his/her first impression.



11.Teach her how to be grounded. Tell her to be grounded and have respect for all, no matter how successful she becomes. The world has a lot of successful people but only a few are grounded as well as successful.



12. Tell her to be updated with news around the world. Explain her how it is going to help.



13. Teach her the importance of sacrifices and compromises. End this lecture explaining why she should neither sacrifice nor compromise on anything when it comes to her self respect.

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14. Explain her what being beautiful is like – no fairness creams or surgeries can ever make a woman beautiful. A woman in her natural form who has a beautiful soul is the prettiest woman ever. 



15. And lastly, tell her that you’ll always have her back. No matter what, you are always going to be there for her. She can end up in any worst situation and the first one she can turn up to should be her brother, come whatever may.



Rest assured, once she learns these from you, she will be one of the best persons. If you do love your sister, do not miss out on sharing this article!

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