38 things that tell you are in a serious relationship with books!

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Day and night all you dream about is books, the characters in them, the writers you admire, the powerful dialogues from the books and most of all you dream if you could be born again but this time in the era of your favorite writers so you could have a chat with them and become a part of their book writing time.

Psst! A midnight in Paris is your favorite movie. You are in a serious relationship with books and we can tell that if-

1. You don’t like to lend your books
They all will harm your baby by dog-earring its pages.



2. If you borrow a book, you will never return
All the books you read are yours!


3. You get offended if someone touches your books
Yes, I have a huge collection of books, but please, no touching!


4. You plan your weekends on the basis of untouched books on your shelf
You tell you are busy and la-la-la! 😉


5. You sometimes quote popular lines and dialogues from your favorite books in your conversations
You feel great about remembering them.


6. You follow Facebook handles of all the books your have read and their authors
Their updates with quotes from the book make you even happier.


7. You love to hold tweetchats with other readers on Twitter
Oh yes! It is lovely to another book club or to know how many people love my favourite book of Paulo Coehlo.





8. The criteria to become friends with someone is simple- You should be a book reader!
So simple!


9. Even if you read a book online, you will still go and buy its original later to keep it on your shelf
Oh yes, you love to collect books too.


10. The bundles of books at your desk or on your shelf make you feel happy
And this is your expression every freaking time.


11. When asked what would you like for your birthday gift, you choose books
Every single time!


12. You tell your friends or your partner to buy you a book when you are broke
True story, isn’t it?


13. You like the company of books over people
And your bed is your favourite place to hangout.


14. You feel guilty for not reading a book during a busy week
You will keep on cursing yourself for it.


15. Your friends are subject to strict punishment for spilling coffee on your book kept on the coffee table
Yes, spoiling your books will be a serious crime.


16. Your room is full of signs that tell people not to touch books in your kingdom
You surely have one of these or you now think of making one.


17. Lunch and dinner hours depend on when you are done reading your book
You don’t like to be interrupted too.


18. You would rather splurge on books than clothes or accessories
Hell yeah!


19. Your idea of an ideal day is – loads of coffee/tea to drink coupled with books, books and books
And if happens to rain, no one can get you out of the bed.


20. This is your idea of a dream home.




books house


21. You envy people who own and have read more books than you do
Your target is to shop and read more books than them now.


22. Your mood depends on what happens in the book you read
You could be sad or happy or grumpy depending on what’s happening in the story of your book.


23. You criticize people for not reading a book that you think they must read
Yes, you do!


24. You love the weekends spent in cleaning and rearranging your books
This brings happiness to you!


25. You always travel with a book or two
You curse yourself if you forget to pack any book in your bag



26. The next thing you do is my buy a book at the train station
You just can’t be away from book in any case!



27. Spot a hot guy/girl reading an awesome book
You can’t imagine a sexier sight than that. ***drools***



28. You like big books
You add one or two every month to your collection.


29. You love to smell books
**sniff** Lovely! Old and new both smell lovely.


30. You think your life ends with the end of a book
You wonder what to do with life and then you hit the book store to begin a new life.


31. You get thrilled at the delivery of the books your ordered online
Happiness coming home!


32. When someone reads the book you suggested you feel like you have done good to the society
Getting people to begin reading is like a social service according to you.


33. You are experimental while reading books


34. Definition of happiness is simple to you
Books and their series.


35. You are proud to be a book reader and you love the books you choose to read
Yes, you do.


36. You always wished the author was your friend
So you can talk to them.


37. This is you when you watch the movie based on the book you have read
Totally, you.


38. You encourage people to read in your own dramatic way
This is so you. Isn’t it?



Or this!

38. 1


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