This video about fake Facebook profiles is something every Facebook user can relate to

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Time and again, we have shared articles about how creepy sometimes stalkers on Facebook can get, or how some really ‘cool’ dudes have taken Facebooking to a whole new level! Though not many are aware about the whole concept of fake profiles.

The funny guys at Comedy One have yet again pulled at a hilarious sketch on this – The First Fake Facebook Profile | Digital Locha. It is the story of Rajat Sharma, the inventor of fake Facebook profiles. It talks about how it gave a new found direction to his boring life and then gradually, how the same thing went ahead to become the reason of his downfall.

Here’s the summary of his life. I am pretty sure a lot of engineering guys would relate to this!



So the tragedy of his life was, there were only two ways he could flirt. One –


And the second –


One thing led to another, and then he became cool. So cool, that –


So what do you think must have happened to him, that he had to commit a digital suicide? You’ll have to watch this hilarious video to find out!

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