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10 worst woes of an obsessive shopaholic


We know you are heading to the shopping mall, right now. But hey, this is important! OK. This is not that important but if you love yourself besides shopping, you got to read this. This is about you. The beautiful world of a shopaholic is not beautiful all the time....

11 reasons why staying in is the new staying out


Times have changed. While earlier everyone took to going out on the weekends, we have started to staying home, throwing house parties and watching their favourite TV series all day long with an ice-cream tub resting on our tummies. And why shouldn’t we do that when it is an awesome thing to...

14 small lifestyle changes that can have the biggest impact on your life


Anything below the sun can be discussed on Quora and one can expect logical responses on the platform. While scrolling through my daily feed on the website, I stumbled upon this really intelligent discussion which got my attention and interest instantly- What are some small lifestyle changes that can have the biggest impact? Something we all need...