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Everyone will relate to this hilarious ‘office’ version of Pyaar Ka Punchnama speech


The two epic monologues from Pyaar Ka Punchnama movie franchise have received many reactions and praises from the every man in a relationship. After a girl-friend’s version of the epic speech, popular YouTube channel Screen Patti has shared another version of the speech, the office version! Two work friends ask their stressed looking friend about his discussion...

Dear women, your man can do anything for you except this!


Popular YouTube channel, Be YouNick makes videos ‘strictly’ for men. However, this time, his new video has everything that every man with a beard and a mustache would want to show their bae. All partners fight, complain, ask favour, share their likes and dislikes. Just like this, right? Like a loving boyfriend, you accept to...

Time to tidy up, boys! Girls reveal what they find sexy in men


After asking men ‘how they were bhai-zoned’ and girls ‘why they don’t need a boyfriend?’, popular YouTube channel, SORTEDD went around asking girls which body part of a guy do they find sexy. Boy! You have to know there answers. 1. Beard! Do you have one? 2. Fingers and hands! Ever considered getting manicure...