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12 easy science-backed diet tips to lose weight

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A tight schedule can really cost you a lot because the only options you will end up relying on are take out meals, processed ready-to-eat food packages and skipping on eating food. All these will lead into unhealthy body conditions and even putting on more kilos. Keeping your weight under control...

14 food items you have been mispronouncing all your life


You could be a big foodie but admit it, you have never really tried to know how to say the names of some of the healthy food items you have been gorging yourself with all this time. So, here we bring to you 14 correct ways to pronounce your favourite food items correctly. 1....

14 things only a tea addict can relate to


There are some habits that do not change. One of them is to have a cup of tea right in the morning. The addiction is so bad that the entire day gets ruined for you if you did not step out of your house after sipping on a refreshing cup...