This soap making company is giving freedom to Nepalese women trapped as sex slaves in Kolkata

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Many young girls are duped into accompanying men who take them to the so-called, city of many opportunities and sell them to brothels.

Prema Touch, an amazingly powerful all-natural soap making company is on a big mission. Founder of Prema Touch, Josephine works on a mission to bring back trafficked Nepalese sex slaves and give them a better life of dignity, work and respect.

Maiya, one of the saved sex slaves, who is now a supervisor at Prema Touch decided to come out and shared her story to give more women the power and strength to come out and join Josephine to have a life full of love, respect and dignity. Here’s her sensitive and powerful story.

Maiya entered the horrible world of sex trade at the age of 13.


How she ended up at Sonagachi- red light area, Kolkata?

how maiya ended up in bengal

She was given some clothes and big sandals to wear which did not even fit her. She was told to work as one of the women in the brothel. She was small and her home was very far, she could not run away.

at the brothel


Maiya was free after 5 years but she had nowhere to go and work. People refused to give her work because she could not read and write.

bought her freedom


When she met Josephine, her life changed.



Josephine identified Maiya’s issues and her determination to have a better life. She introduced Maiya to Prima Touch.maiyaa working in prima soap


Josephine has been working hard to give freedom back to women who have been forced into becoming sex workers in Kolkata.

prima touch josephine


This inspiring and uplifting story of Maiya and Josephine have been shared by Our Better World.

You can contribute to the lives of many Maiya(s) who are living in the worst conditions of life by shopping from PrimaTouch.

We wish more power to these inspirational women and many others to join them in weaving out a better life.


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