Shocking! Ganapati idols dumped into dirty sewage water after the festival

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After all the Ganapati celebrations and its galore, here comes the most saddening part. We all thought civil authorities helped devotees in immersing Ganapati idols that they once brought home to worship, but this is not the true story.

Ganapati Visarjan refers to immersing Ganesha’s idols in the water. But who would have thought that the idols the devotees bought with love and devotion and decorated with flowers and sweets for the procession will be thrown into a dirty river in an unaesthetic and derogatory manner by civic authorities!

Ganpati Idols Dumped in Sewage River after Festival

Ganpati Idols Dumped in Sewage River after Festival ss

Ganpati Idols Dumped in Sewage River after Festival ss another

This video shared by a YouTube channel named CuriosityJunction shows authority member dumping Ganesha idols loaded in a truck into a dirty river in a completely sad manner. The officers seems to ignore devotees’ emotions and sentiments.

The description states that the video has been reported to be shot in Mumbai however, the real reason behind this action taken by the authorities is not yet clear.

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