These 14 pictures from La Tomatina Festival will make you wish you could teleport yourself there

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Spain’s most popularfun festival that involves throwing squashed tomatoes on each other, La Tomatina, turned 70, today. The festival is celebrated in Buñol, near Valencia, in eastern Spain. People from around the world come to this festival to throw 100 metric tonnes of over-ripe tomatoes!

The festival first took place in 1945 when during a parade people started fighting near a vegetable market. The crowd began throwing vegetables and that’s when the festival started. A year later, people came back with vegetables to fight each other. 🙂

But then, the festival was only restricted to tomatoes. A funny story, in deed.

The rules are simple! Squash the tomato before throwing, do not throw any other objects, do not come in the way of passing vehicles, do not tear clothes and stop when asked to.

Here are a few pictures of revelers enjoying and making the most of this messy but quirky festival that will make you teleport yourself there.








girl during tomatina festivalSource




couple during la tomatina festivalSource



la tomatinaSource

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