Funny guy talks about couples who come to CCD in their early dating days

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Have you wondered why all coffee shops are always occupied? Because there are two kinds of people who go there. One, is all the couples who are in their nascent stage of dating and the other is people like TheHumorBeings‘ comedian Rivaldo aka Nitin Gupta!

Nitin Gupta Rivaldo on CCD & Dating- second

There is always a reason behind why the second category of people are spotted at the coffee shops and that is…

Nitin Gupta Rivaldo on CCD & Dating- 3 D

But why a Rom-com?

Nitin Gupta Rivaldo on CCD & Dating- romantic

But not everyone goes to a coffee shop to drink coffee!

Nitin Gupta Rivaldo on CCD & Dating- daaru
Popular comedian, Nitin Gupta (Rivaldo) talks about people who come to CCD for dates and he is totally correct in this video by TheHumorBeings!

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