29 New Year resolutions we make to break every year! #FAIL

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With every new year comes the traditional act of making new year’s resolutions which we all know without any doubts that we won’t be able to keep. Keeping the tradition this year, we bring to you 29 new year resolutions which we always make to break!

1. I will lose weight and get fit this new year.

 But then we all know what happens…!


make my friends fatSource

2. I will spend less and save more (at least a lac), the next year. 


3. I will party less.


a little party never killed anybodySource

4. I will try to score more marks than that nerd, ‘Bittu’ .

We all know one Bitto sort of a character we like to defeat with good marks! 🙂

new resolutions to score good marksSource

5. Next year, I will give CAT exams and get admission in a good school.

“Yaar, paper leak karane ke kitney paise, lagtey hai?”


6. “Next year paas hokey dikhaounga Papa ko”.

“Beta, tu firse fail ho gaya?” #FAIL


7. I will have a better car next year.

“Agle saal gaadi toh sahi lekar ghumunga”


8. Next year, I will surely get married and settle down in life.


guard down to loveSource

9. I will quit smoking and be good boy.

“Yes, mai shapat!”

I will quit smokingSource

10. I will quit eating fast food.

i am going to talk to food about thisSource

11. Beer nai peeunga agle saal se.

quit drinking my beerSource

12. I will learn to cook.

cooking 2Source

13. “Next year foreign trip toh zaroor marunga.”


14. I will stop playing candy crush

Because I have to!


15. I will try to get up early and sleep early.

“But then when will I surf the internet!?”


16.  I will go to church every Sunday.

“But, no one can wake up on a Sunday.”


17. I will stop watching porn and delete all the porn collection from my laptop.

“Please! Tell me how to stop it?”


18. I will try not to waste money on fancy stuff.

“But then you only live once.”


19. I won’t use my credit cards at all!



20. I will waste less time online on Facebook and watsapp.

no facebookSource

21. I will be a positive person.

“Though, I enjoy being a pessimist.” 


22. I will learn something creative.

learn to danceSource

23.  will only focus on our family business.

“But someone save me from this hell!”


24. I will take care of my health and won’t fall sick.

“That’s simple!, I will drink a lot of water. It should work just fine!”


25. I will stop lying and keeping secrets!


this lie wont backfire at allSource

26. I will learn to drive or I will drive slowly.

learning to driveSource

27. I will move on in life!

love meSource

28. I will be more organised. 



29. I will read a book each week and will stop watching tv.


Feature Image Source

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