18 mouthwatering cheese GIFs that left us wanting for more

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What do you say to the cook who asks if you need extra cheese? ‘Yes, please!’

There hasn’t been anyone who could resist cheese in their lives. Cheese is definitely here to stay! The yummy, gooey cheese filling inside your pizza base and on top with all the toppings is just an incredible explosion of heaven in our mouths. It is your favourite late night snack.

working on my night cheeseSource

If you can’t trust anyone who says no to cheese and if you love to add cheese in everything you devour, this article is for you. Here are 18 Cheesy Gifs which will make you understand the term ‘ #foodporn ‘ and will turn you instantly horny for cheese.

1. You know what do to in that big fat bun! Wiggle… wiggle… wiggle!


2. Let’s admit, nothing has been as satisfying as this is. 


3. Oh my! This makes me gasp for breath. 

cheese sanwichSource

4. No, please, don’t! I can’t take this any more!

grated cheeseSource

5. Stingy cheese, can’t wait to put you in my mouth. 

cheese pizzaSource

6. Mac and Cheese, why do you leave wanting more?

mac and cheeseSource

7. Come to me and let me have you, please!

mozzarella sticksSource

8. Mmmmm…Never felt like this (hungry) before. 

cheezy foodSource

9. Oh god! This is making me crazy.

pizza sliceSource

10. Can’t wait to taste hot dripping cheese in my mouth!

cheese is lifeSource

11. And can’t even wait for this dish to make its way from the microwave to my tummy!

cheese in microwaveSource

12. Hit me, baby one more time!

cheese hangsandwichSource

13. Is the sight of bubbling cheese making you feel something deep down inside your tummy?

bibbling cheese on lasagne


14. That it! I have my favourite sandwich topping there. 

cheese on sandwichSource

15. Rise and shine and be mine, baby!

cheese bubblingSource

16. Can’t wait to eat cheese?


18. Die!

cheese fountainSource

We know you will come back to see these GIFs again but do make sure you these to your fellow gluttons and foodie friends.

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