This hilarious spoof of ‘Meri Maa’ will ruin your sweet memories around it FOREVER

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Taare Zameen Par’s ‘Meri Maa’ must have been your favourite song for your mother but not any more. For the little kid Darsheel has grown up and he is up to some epic shit.

kya andhere mein karta hun mein maa

tuje kuch nai pata hai na maa

hd main porn dekta hun mein maa

Shudh Desi Gaane has come up with this is insanely good parody of Meri Maa and it is an eye opener for every mother who thinks her son is sanskaari.

aksar stoned rehta hun mein maa

If she thinks her son devours the “good” food she cooks for him, she is wrong.

roz kfc dabata hun mein maa

And if she thinks her son doesn’t use his toy, she is wrong too because whenever he has a girl alone with him in a theatre…

gold class keede


You have to watch this evil parody of Meri Maa. Note: Do not show it to your mom!

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