15 jobs our parents find hard to understand

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This post goes out to everyone who is neither a doctor nor an engineer. After all, there is so much more to professions than just these, right? We could be so many things other than the normal doctors/lawyers/professors/engineers!

Such jobs pay well, no doubt. The only catch here is that it becomes a tad difficult to explain these to our parents and the society. Of the whole lot of very exciting jobs, here are a few which are always tough to explain to parents!

1. Social Media Manager

“So you actually get paid to be online on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and what not?” “No mom. That’s my job.”

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2. Public Relations Manager

Your parents simply won’t understand if you are big fans of the brands you manage or you are actually selling their products!

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3. DJ

Getting paid for partying, composing and playing music doesn’t seem to be a legit explanation.


4. Wildlife photographer

Cameras, jungles and animals – your parents simply don’t understand if you’re on a vacation or actually working!


5. Tattoo artist

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6. Sommeliers

One of the toughest jobs to explain – how can anyone get paid to drink wine?


7. Bartenders

Often mistaken as waiters, these talented people must be having a tough time explaining their work profile to their homies!


8. Hair stylist

These people might be often addressed as nais, or barbers even! It takes a hell lot of explanation to be done to explain how tough it is, to be a hair stylist.

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9. App Developers

Your parents might feel that you are simply wasting time playing on your phones. Or computers.

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10. Personal shoppers

Because your parents won’t stop feeling that you’ve turned your obsession into your profession!

personal shopper


11. Art curators

Because selecting art to be displayed in a museum, organizing art exhibitions in galleries or public spaces, researching artists or writing catalog essays is something which your parents will never understand. Period.

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12. Masseuse

While friends may often link it with porn, you might end up with your parents questioning about weird details!


13. Copywriter

“Why don’t you rather write a book?”


14. Yoga instructor

“Is this a real job? Like really?”


15. Travel journalist/writer

“So you’ll travel all the places?” “Yes.” “Is this your work?” “Yes.” “And you’ll get paid for this?” “Yes. Also, kill me now.”


Got any other professions other than these which your parents won’t understand? Let me know in the comments section below!

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