15 pictures of interracial couples with the hate comments they receive show our mindsets about them

Think About It

Maybe, we have a long way to go before eradicating racism from its roots. Why would I say that? Because as hard as we try not to be racists, there are always some who intentionally or unintentionally ending up being racists.

Donna Pinckley, a photographer decided to highlight this issue by a brilliant idea. Titled as “Sticks and Stones”, she took photos of interracial couples in the Southern states of the US and paired them with the hateful comments they’ve received over the years. Donna has taken all the photos in Black and White to emphasize the bond and affection these couples have for each other, rather than their skin tones.

This series was inspired by a girl from the photographer’s previous project. In her artist statement, she wrote,

Her mother and I were catching up in the kitchen when she told me of the cruel taunts hurled at her daughter for dating a boy of another race. As she was speaking I was reminded of another mother in another kitchen many years ago, whose daughter had been the object of similar racial slurs. What struck me was the resilience of both couples in the face of derision, their refusal to let others define them.

All the pictures are sourced from her website: donnapinckley.com


racist comments (1)


racist comments (2)


racist comments (3)


racist comments (4)


racist comments (5)


racist comments (6)


racist comments (7)


racist comments (8)


racist comments (9)


racist comments (10)


racist comments (11)


racist comments (12)


racist comments (13)


racist comments (14)


racist comments (15)

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