#Instaqueen: World’s top selfie lover has collection of 12,000 selfies!

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How many selfies you have taken in your life time? May be in hundreds. Meet this lady from Thailand who posts 200 selfies in  a week. She has amassed 12000 selfies posted on various social media platforms which makes her the ‘Selfiequeen’ of the world. Yes, that’s right. Forget Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Nina Dobrev and move over Kim Kardarshian for this selfie woman who says she is in her 40’s but appears in her 20’s. Here are some of her selfies from Instagram:



I would rather call her a beautiful girl, who not only loves to capture her expressions and fashion sense but you would also find her posting hot legs, drinks and meals. The selfie lover, who has 20,000 followers  discloses her special loves towards dogs and desserts through some of her posts.

Selfie 1

After having a close look on the posts one can find that she has crazy love for shorts. She calls herself Mortao Maotor on her #Instagram account. According to the Hindustan times, she is married to the owner of Room of Art, an antique gallery in Bangkok. 

selfie 2

The best truth of this queen is all her photos are worth watching and none are pornographic. Moreover, if you wish to comment on her picture, mind you she just replies to the one which have some clean sense! 

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