#IdolsOfReality: 8 posters that are a reality check for each one us

Think About It


Have we realized that what we are preaching could be sometimes misleading? Has it ever happened to you that you’ve got so much busy in believing something that you completely forget what your idol has taught you?

Limitless shared an album on Facebook: Idols of Reality. They had just one question: Are our gods helpless?

Check out these posters and you’ll know, what they’re talking about.


Are our gods helpless (2)




Are our gods helpless (1)





Are our gods helpless (3)



Are our gods helpless (4)



Are our gods helpless (5)



Are our gods helpless (6)




7. Are our gods helpless (7)




8. Are our gods helpless (8)Shaken a bit? Give it a thought.

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