This video about ideology of some men shows why every man needs to be a feminist

Think About It

Think about this. How did misogyny and patriarchy come into existence at the first place? We know, it is prevalent since ages, but seriously, ever given a thought, that how did it all start? How can a woman, who gives birth to a boy be considered inferior?

Times have now changed where people are coming to terms with the fact that these indeed are issues with our mentality. A major population now understands why there is a need of feminism and why it has got nothing to do with male bashing.

bright canvas films¬†shared a video with a title, “Aurat Ban Jaaun?” The videos talks about how some men follow patriarchy even when they know it isn’t correct, just because it is convenient for them. Here are a few screengrabs from the video which represent the mentality of some men:





Finally, here’s the thing.


And here’s the video. If you care for equal rights, don’t forget to share it.

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