How to access banned websites in 3 easy steps [Guide]

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Are you facing any difficulty in accessing certain websites which are banned by your ISP or in your office or in your country? Worry not, here is the simplest and the fast way to access banned websites. Make sure that you have chrome installed in your Computer. Follow the instructions below to access banned websites.

1. Install Browsec by clicking this link in the Chrome Browser. After this click “Add to Chrome”.

How to Access banned websites


2. Click the Add button.

How to Access banned websites 1


3.  Once Browsec is installed, you will see a Globe icon on the top right of your browser, click on it and then click ‘Protect Me’.

How to Access banned websites 2


You can now access any website which is banned by your ISP, in your office or in your country. If you feel that we have help you, then do share this article and like us on Facebook

Additionally, you can also choose the proxy of any of the four countries mentioned in the image below.

How to Access banned websites 3


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