Time to tidy up, boys! Girls reveal what they find sexy in men

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After asking men ‘how they were bhai-zoned’ and girls ‘why they don’t need a boyfriend?’, popular YouTube channel, SORTEDD went around asking girls which body part of a guy do they find sexy. Boy! You have to know there answers.

1. Beard!

Do you have one?

beard sortedd

2. Fingers and hands!

Ever considered getting manicure done?

fingers and hands sortedd

3. Shoulders!

If you have not started going to the gym, you should now!

shoulders sortedd

4. Lips!

Use Vaseline in winters.lips sortedd ss

eyes and lips- sortedd

5. Jawline!

Work on your facial muscles.

Jawline- sortedd

6. Eyes!

Hope, you don’t squint!

eyes- sortedd

It’s time guys tidy up a bit! Watch the video to know more!

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