This ‘Desi Thug Life’ will give you massive gangsta feels

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The man behind popular page Posteries Rohit Bharti is back with the 6th Desi Thug Life compilation video and it is hilarious as it can be.

“I have started using random clips of the net and not only Bollywood scenes”

desi thug life - posteries

The video begins with a snippet from Nana Patekar’s ‘Salaam Bombay’ where he played the role of a pimp. 

desi thug life - nana and the kid

desi thug life - nana and the kid lol

desi thug life - nana

And then, Dharam Paaji, the man made of iron.

desi thug life - dharam paji scene 1

desi thug life - dharam paji

Kill me know!

Watch this hilarious video.

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