Here are 6 funny illustrations that show the complete difference between cats and dogs

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They are both lovely as pets, but they are different, completely different. Having a cat is so much different and difficult than having a dog. Owners would know!

Bird Born, a Moscow-based artist decided to put an end to this never ending battle of who’s better – dogs or cats via funny illustrations. Now where he is trying to illustrate the difference, he might have added fuel to the fire, as he has shown cats as a bit on the dark side. It might come from the artist’s personal experience as he owns two of them.

To see more of his work, follow him on: birdborn.meFacebook | Instagram

Cats Vs Dogs (1)

Cats Vs Dogs (2)

Cats Vs Dogs (3)

Cats Vs Dogs (4)

Cats Vs Dogs (5)

Cats Vs Dogs (6)

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