Arjun Kanungo’s ‘I want to break free’ and ‘Raboroo: Rang De Basanti’ mashup is one thing you must listen to

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Talented young singer, Arjun Kanungo is back with his new music video. This time the handsome artist brings a nice mashup of Queen’s I want to break free and A.R. Rahman’s Robaroo from Rang De Basanti.

Arjun has tried to show how couples fight in a relationship for lack of space.

I've got to break free.

Female vocals have been given by Meghana Bhogle.

You're so self satisfied. I don't need you.

When the two decided to give each other a break, Arjun sings Robaroo with his band mates.

Ki aag hai,

This very well made mashup is not just wonderful to listen to but also has a good looking video.


Like him? You can listen to his other tracks too! Here’s his Saibo cover, and See You Again by Wiz Khalifa mashup.

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