It all started with a Blue Dot. And now Blaupunkt has come back to India in an all new avtaar

In German, Blaupunkt means a Blue Dot. This unusual name has an extra ordinary story.

Blaupunkt’s affair with India started in 1996, with the launch of first Blaupunkt portfolio exclusively in Bangalore, within a year Blaupunkt was launched nationwide. This name soon became synonymous with outstanding and unmatched music quality.

Now the year 2016 and the Indian market will soon see yet another phenomenon in the music goods industry with Blaupunkt.

Commenting on the launch, Andrzej Cebrat, Managing Director, GIP Development / Blaupunkt, said: “India represents one of the fastest-growing mobile phone markets in the world today, having crossed a milestone of 1 billion mobile users this year. Beyond the numbers, Indian smartphone consumers are spending never-before time with their smartphones, fueling demand for mobile accessories such as power supplies, earphones, and data cables. We are excited to be present in this dynamic market. After the launch in India, we are looking at entering other SAARC markets in the smartphones, smartwatches and phablets categories through our partnership with Vidur & Co.”

The three products in this section:
1. Cables (6 Variants)
2. Car Chargers
3. Earphones

Data and Charging Cable
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Blaupunkt USB charging cables (6 variants) are Apple certified and they have been certified by International certification bodies (UL and RoHS Compliance Certified). They ensure a tangle-free experience with 1M braided cable. Some high-end cables have special Zinc Alloy connectors. These include micro USB to USB 2.0 cables, Apple-certified Lightning to USB 2.0 cables and USB Type-C to USB 2.0 cables.
Car Chargers
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Blaupunkt Car Chargers have an internationally patented design and they can sense the current requirement of the device and whether the battery is full or not, and thereby regulate the charging. They can also double up as life-saving devices in emergency situations – they come with a special glass breaker that can be used to cut seat belts or to break the windshields. The chargers have been certified by International certification bodies. These have dual USB ports with 2.4A output in each.
Blaupunkt Earphones
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Blaupunkt earphone range comes in many variants. These have tangle-free cables. Some of the earphones use special duress-resistant wires, which significantly increases their life and brings down the wear and tear.

blaupunkt-car-charges blaupunkt-earphones

All Major accessories like car chargers and earphones are already available across India, including online retailers like
They also have plans to launch smartphones, smart watches and phablets in the Indian and the SAARC markets –Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in the future. Blaupunkt said that it is the first mobile phone accessories brand to operate a dedicated after-sales customer service centre in India.

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