Say hello to the cutest bear sleeping bag, which also ensures that you sleep in peace!

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Move over any other technologies or innovations that you can think of. We have probably the best innovation mankind has made so far, to share with you – the bear sleeping bags.

Bear Sleeping Bag (1)

Eiko Ishizawa, a Japanese artist has created this beauty. The best thing is, you convert into a bear while sleeping!

Bear Sleeping Bag (2)

You have always wanted to be a bear, didn’t you? Well, here’s your chance. She was inspired by Bruno the “problem bear” who wandered from the Italian Alps into Bavaria before being put down by officials who feared that he might present a danger to locals.

Bear Sleeping Bag (3)

It’s comfortable. And bloody cute.

Bear Sleeping Bag (4)

And it can be yours. All you need is just a mere amount of $2,350 USD. That’s all.

Bear Sleeping Bag (5)

H/t: | cargocollective

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