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15 things that make you hate the Valentine’s Day!


The Cupid is all ready to strike your heart! You heard me right. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. People are smiling and coo-chi-cooing with their loved ones and you’re ready to shoot anyone who’s being extra sweet! If you too hate the much hyped Valentine’s, you gotta read...

12 things you tell your boss and what you actually mean!

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Bosses belong to a specific breed; a breed that is most prevalent in tea-break conversations and gossip sessions. They are the ones who sometimes screw our happiness and sometimes make us happy by sanctioning the much needed bonus! Undoubtedly, what you tell your boss is completely different from what you...

12 ultimate reasons to date a guy who cooks

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“Ladki ho aur Khana pakaana nahi aata tumhein?” – isn’t that the most annoying thing you hear from aunties and uncles? So what if we girls can’t cook or don’t like to cook? We always have a solution and that is to date a guy who loves to cook! If you...

12 hilarious tech problems our parents face regularly!

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Our parents and technology seem to have an age long war with each other. No matter how hard our parents try out their hands on the technology, they fail to rub off the title of being ‘Technologically Challenged’. Here are the funny things that happen when our parents meet Technology!...