10 things that happen with every man while masturbating

This has been a much debated topic and many of us women have wondered – what do men actually think of, while getting it off?

So we’ve had a little discussion with our close mates and have come up with a few things that can help quench our curiosity’s thirst.

Let us first know what things they think about BEFORE the main action:

1. Is the bathroom or room locked properly?

The twitch to do it can occur anytime and anywhere, even when the entire family or guests are home. And no matter how much they swag in front of their friends, it is true; no one wants to ever get caught.


2. Are the windows closed or not?

The next thing which can reveal them are the windows. A quick glance to assure the safety of their secret is a must!


3. Is there water in the tap?

Well a point specific to bathrooms; you do not want the end to be messy when the going had been so smooth. A little cleaning act makes water a necessity.

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4. Is there sufficient tissue paper?

For the adventurous ones, carrying tissues becomes a prerequisite. Not every place has a hole that leaks water!

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5. Which site tonight?

No, we are innocent and we do not have such content stored. Hence, streaming! After repeated sessions, they are usually caught in such a dilemma as to which source to stream which gives them access to uncharted territories.

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6. Have the earphones been plugged in properly?

A lesser frequent thought is about having plugged the earphones properly. You surely do not want the oohs and aahs of the vids travelling beyond the 4 walls when you’ve taken all the correct steps.



7. Has my member grown in size?

A silly, yet repeatedly occurring question – is it big now?

Like yes you held it just yesterday, and yes you saw it in the morning, but yet again you have to ask – is it big now?

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8. How much would come out?

For the ones who indulge in it often (in the same day) – it was thick the first time, and lesser in quantity the second time, umm, will it be the same or reduce?


9. How soon will it explode?

A following idea after the earlier point; I had just done it a few hours back, how soon will I erupt? This question is most daunting for those for whom it is the third or fourth! (I know you’re smiling) 😉


10. Should I do or not do?

Experts have mentioned, repeated jacking off isn’t good, yet I am doing it.

‘Karu ya na karu?’

Ans: I need it, I’m doing it!


Now, let us shift to what they think about WHILE they are at it:

1. The boring and typical – their girl or a celebrity

This one is the epitome of cliché, but nonetheless, a valid point that couldn’t be sidelined.

ex gfSource

2. Their ex

When the usual becomes boring and when a few earlier tricks cannot be forgotten.


3. Women lingerie and the inside of them

For the Double D souls, yes I mean the Desperate and Deprived souls, even a mere thought of what is contained in the Double D sized garments can send their member sky rocketing!


4. Some weird fantasy with a fat chick

Well this one is just a guess, but could be quite a true one. You may call them the daredevils or their weakness due to their love for softness, only the ones who’ve tried can comment, we think (or should I say fantasized)! :p

fat girlSource

5. Going KINKY!
With 50 shades of Grey being received with such whispered fan fares, there is no doubt that the movie’s uncensored version is always running at the back of the mind.

50 shades liftSource

6. The 3 way and the 4 way 😉

There are always the few experimentalists whose wants can never be fulfilled by just one, or I’d say in the traditional way. 😉


7. OMG! Is it the same video, again?

This is a real buzzkill. No wonder after this they lose their woody!


8. Girl on girl!
As they rightly say, “the more, the merrier.” And what better to have in multiples than the beauty herself?

girl girlSource

Well these are just a few thoughts that could have been on their mind. The possibilities are immense and so is the pool of pleasure!

If you know of any other flickering thoughts, then do let us know by commenting below or mailing us.

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