This video based on #AStreetDogsLife tells the sad story of every stray dog near you; high time we foster strays

Think About It

A dog is man’s honest friend. But, do all humans act as friends with the dogs we see every day on the streets getting sick, injured, malnourished and finally dying!? A Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation named, World For All Animal Care & Adoptions made a video by putting a camera on a dog’s collar to capture its day today life. What the poor dog goes through looks like a harder way to survive than we human do. Harassed, slapped, shooed away, hit by naughty kids on the streets, looking for food and water, a stray passes each day with difficulties. Watch this video if you have a strong heart because what a stray dog goes through each day is nothing we all could have imagined.

High time, we all adopt a stray.

We like to thank WorldForAllVideos for sharing this video

Note- Nothing happened to see baby. The video has been shot with actors and edited to look realistic.



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