The 6 stages of having crush: Superwoman tells how to get going

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IISuperwomanII is back with another video and this time she likes to tell you about how to approach your crush. The lady talks about “the 6 stages of having a crush”.

1. Discovery: When you find that one person you have a crush on.



2. Research: Find out if they are as cool in their real life as they look to you when you had a crush on them. Check Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc. to conclude that you have a crush. 



3. Show and Tell: She your friends your crush’s pictures and get their approval.

show and tell


4. Daydreaming: You daydream about your crush. Think about them telling the best things to you, etc. 



5. Small talk: Talk a bit to your crush. Borrow some balls from friends, approach your crush and talk!

small talk


6. The finale: If they like you too, you have a happy ending. If not, do something that makes you happy.

the finale


Watch this funny video by Superwoman here:



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