15 acts of kindness that will make someone happy today

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It takes little to make your surroundings happy. Is making people happy a task? No, I don’t think so. Is it a tough job? Naah, as simple as spreading melted butter on a slice of bread! Is it rewarding? Hell, yeah!

1. Encourage!Encourage-one-another


A lot of us need that little push to become our best. If there is someone around you, who needs that little encouragement, go shower your confidence and believe over him and let them beam with confidence.

2. Hug!hug


Yes, it is a bit awkward and people might reciprocate shyly but go ahead, give a warm hug to whoever you think needs that push.

3. Hold the door open for someoneOpen the door for the lady


Give your few minutes, hold the door for someone, look them straight in the eye with a smile and VOILA! Comes the happy face.

4. Bring one more glass/cupcoffee


Making a cup of tea? or,  bringing a cup of coffee from the vending machine? Bring one more and offer to your colleagues.

5. Bring your positive sidepositive


During a boring or negative conversation with friends or colleagues, bring your positive note on something. Wait, people to realize how negative the conversation was going, they will respond with the best positive thoughts themselves too.

6. Smile!smile


The world has stopped to smile. Bring it back! If there’s someone who doesn’t like what smile does to their face, show them what a smile can do to others.

7. Just listen!listen


Become a listener. Think and respond. The world has become very impatient, nobody listens to no one. If there is someone who likes to talk, give’em all your ears.

8. Share an honest complimentyou look good


It is lovely to see everyone with great energy. That infectious energy can come when people around you are happy. Compliment someone, make their day and have a ball with them.

9. Offer to help!help


If someone is finding it difficult to park the car in a narrow parking lot, offer to help. You could just ease out the stress that person must be going through.

10. Cook and share something nice with your friends.cook and share food


Who doesn’t like homemade gajar halwa and cakes?

11. Share something uplifting you found on the Internetraise me up


Found something worth sharing on the internet? Share right away!

12. Buy a small gift for your buds!give a present


When was the last time you brought them a gift?

13. Call your friend staying abroadchat on skype


It is always best to connect with your friends who are away from their own kinds.

14. Call up your grand parents and speak to them for as long as they want to call up grand mother


15. Get your little brother or sister’s phone recharged!recharge your sister's phone


If you do something beautiful yet simple to see your surroundings happy, share it with us.

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