12 of the best ‘I hate Valentine’s Day’ quotes for all the singles

This piece is for those who hateĀ Valentine’s Day and the days which precede it. We know hate is the apt word here and not ‘dislike’. šŸ™‚ “To hell with the Kiss Day, Teddy Day,Ā BULL SHIT!”Ā You have sworn to god, you will never wear anything romanticĀ on the 14th of every February. May the good lord give intelligenceĀ toĀ the people who act overly romantic,Ā on this lame day.

You have declared yourself a hater of Valentine’s Day and an enemy of everything romantic. Don’t be angry now, for you are in the safety zone, my friend!Ā Here is anĀ amazing set of I hate Valentine’s Day quotes to soothe your soul.

1. All pepped up. NOT!valentine1



2. Romance is dead!



3. It is just a Saturday, big deal!valentine3 (1)



4. Haha! We laugh at such guys.Ā 



5. Yeah, the world cup!



6. I hate Valentine’s Day Card we made for you!



7. Haha! Every couple’s story!



8. This calls for a party!



9. Mouth-watering!



10. “Subaah Se Lekar Shaam Tak, Shaam Se Lekar Raat Tak, Muje Pyaar Karo, Muje Pyaar Karo!” šŸ˜› :/

Yeah, that is called creepy!



11. It is true!



12. #ForverAlone !


If you do hate Valentine’s Day, go ahead share your favourite “I Hate Valentine’s Day’ quotes with us and we will add them to this article!

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