10 reasons why you should not play Holi with your furry friend

There is too much noise about how harsh the colours of the Holi celebration are and how one should take necessary precautions to avoid damaging one’s skin and hair. But what about your dog or any other pet? The colours are equally harmful for your pet too. Keeping the health of your furry friend in mind, we bring to you 10 reasons why you should mind you own business during the Holi celebration than dragging the innocent animals into it.

1. Inhalation of powered colour can cause nasal irritation and respiratory allergies or infections.

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2. Puppies, senior dogs and short hair coat dogs become the first victims of the harsh elements of colours than the hairy ones. 



3. Dry colours are as bad as the water colours. So keep your pet away from them. Because the presence of lead acts as an accumulative poison.

hooli dogs


4. Dogs get paranoid when colours are rubbed onto them because colours make them uncomfortable. 



5. Dogs end to throw up when they lick off the colours from their coat.



6. Dogs get severe rashes due to the colours.



7. Canines do not enjoy colours as much as you do. Let them be. 🙂



8. Keep your pet away from any insensitive play. If hit by a water balloon in the eye, your pet can have serious complications. In case of eye irritation, take them to the vet. 



9. To remove colour from their coat just use a light shampoo. DO NOT use kerosene oil or any hair oil to help them get rid off the colours. 13211287624_2bc78b4f89_h


10. It is also advisable to avoid offering the festival delights. holi-dogs-i-d9dae3e3-857b-451d-bd8e-dd8c6f8b3fab


Be careful with your dog’s well being this Holi and share with your friends who too have pets or are animal lovers.

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